Sep 23, 2015

How Smart Watch can change your life

_"A smartwatch (or smart watch) is a computerized wristwatch with functionality that is enhanced beyond timekeeping, and is often comparable to a personal digital assistant (PDA) device" - _Wikipedia

Avi Greengart, a consumer device analyst, predicted that 2013 may be "the year of Smart watch". This prediction turned out to be true as majority of smart phone manufacturer are focusing on smart watch and wearable. Many of them have already released smart watch and others have near future release plans. It is forecasted that 350 million smart watches will ship by 20201.

Smart watch shipments 2013-2020 (in millions)
There are numerous day-to-day use cases that can be made simple yet secure with usage of smart watch. Let's have quick look, how smart watch can make your life easy.
  1. Smart Watch as ID card: Do you forget to carry ID card every morning? NFC based smart watch can work as your ID card. Enterprise can do away with hassle of issuing separate ID card to employees having smart watch.
  2. Smart Watch as Wallet: Do you feel your wallet is bulky with credit cards and other useless stuff? Smart watch can replace your need to carry credit cards. Smart Watch and "Card on File" concept can replace need of carrying plastic card in your wallet.
  3. Smart Watch as Health monitor: Are you a health geek? Or having health issue which requires continuous monitoring? A smart watch with sensors like Heart Rate, Body Temperature, Accelerometer, etc., will collect your health data and upload to cloud for 24x7 care.
  4. Smart Watch as Remote control: Are you confused with different remotes for different systems like home garage door, television, Set Top Box etc.? Smart Watch with Bluetooth can work as remote for your garage, television etc.
  5. Smart Watch as Security Token: Do you need to carry RSA Token to access highly secure software or physical location (like Server Room). Smart watch can work as RSA token, it can generate software RSA key. Or it can add 3rd factor of authentication.
  6. Smart Watch as SOS Device: Smart watch knows when you could be in danger and sends for help. Smart watch contains a gyroscope and an accelerometer, that detect physical activity or aggressive movements, and mobile app send SMS and email to configured emergency contacts with your current location.
  7. Smart Watch as Notification/Reminder Device: This is prime feature of smart watch as of now. It will display different notification from smart phone and allow quick action. With smart watch you will never miss important things like breaking news, flight alerts, meeting calls, reminders, weather alerts.
Smart Watch will change our life in many ways. It can become your identity for office access, wallet for payment, car door keys and much more…Vision is smart watch will replace your need of carrying disparate accessibility tokens including a smart phone.