Sep 29, 2015

Android App Review: Vyomo Beauty Salon Booking

Search & Discover Legendary Salons & Spas Around You in Less Than 2 Minutes. Book the top beauty & wellness professionals around you- hair stylists, tattoo artists, barbers, massage therapists and everything else related to Beauty & wellness.

Design Review

This can be replaced with toast or no internet connection screen. Dialog / Alert box may annoy users.

Alert box for validation is not good UI practice as, it requires extra click for user to close alert box.

This alert box is proper because it confirms some action from the user. If profile pic is important then its better to explain why profile pic is needed?

Another dialog..... :-(
And again dialog... too much dialog in setup or starting up the application will irritate users. Sign Up steps must be simple and easy.

Header Application logo and title "search/ book" are not vertical centre (point 1,2 and 3 in image). "By Service" menu is also not vertical centre (point 6 in image). Un-selected tab "By Salon" don't have tab border. It should be able to give the feel of tab. There should be border on top or colour difference.  "More" option should be indicated separately. It should not be a part of menu (point 4 in image). "Book" button has very small font size. Font size should be appropriate to button size (point 5 in image).

Upto this screen most of the things are in rectangle border, but here search edit text is rounded corner which looks odd. Position of search bar makes entire screen ugly. There should be top spacing between search bar (point 1 in image). Again "Back" is the part of menu option (point 2 in image).

In this screen Un-selected tab has dark background colour which creates design inconsistency. In home screen, "By Salon" tab has transparent background. No description required for point 1 in image.

Left menu padding should be same for all menu items (point 2 in image). Sliding or Hamburger menu should not have back button (point 1 in image). It will confuse the user.

Left padding of cart icon and face care is different. Left and Right sliding menu looks very odd and difficult for user. Right slide menu can be converted into Activity / Screen and provide option in hamburger menu.

Application logo, location and tabs occupies almost half of the screen, which makes very annoying to scroll salon list (point 1 and 2 in image). Salon row design have few problem like name of salon is not highlight because of background image. Background image should be blur. Salon name should have bold font and different colour like dark pink. Components like star rating, address, title and distance are not at proper place and order.

This flow is very confusing for user. Salon detail screen design is very complicated. Back arrow below info logo is confusing (point 1 in image). Up arrow on right side is not highlighted (point 2 in image). Alignment of title "Tatto0 &..." below details are not left alignment (point 3 in image).

Performance Review

Above images has lots of dark red area, which is a sign of very poor performance. When application render a portion of screen multiple times, it displays dark red colour and light red in screen. This is GPU Overdraw benchmark. Read this link for more information about GPU Overdraw

Profile GPU Rendering gives you a quick visual representation of how much time it takes to render the frames of a UI window relative to the 16-ms-per-frame benchmark. Above image has issue in few frame rendering. Read this link for more information

Memory Profile

Application takes 17 MB on splash screen. There could be various reasons for memory allocation. 


In this application there are many security flows ranging from minor to major.

Library, Framework & Services

Following libraries, frameworks and services are integrated in the application.
  1. Bolts-Android -
  2. PagerSlidingTabStrip -
  3. Crashlytics -
  4. Facebook SDK -
  5. Flurry -
  6. Asynchronous Http Client -
  7. Mobile App Tracking -
  8. Paypal SDK -
  9. OKhttp -
  10. Picasso -
  11. -
  12. Twitter's Fabric -
  13. Squareup Okio -
  14. Calligraphy -
In above list, I found strange things. I don't understand why they are using multiple libraries for network operations i.e. Async Http client and Retrofit+okhttp.

Android Manifest Statics

  1. Package Name: com.vyomocp
  2. Version Code: 22
  3. Version Name: 5.1.1-1819727
  4. Support Screen: Any
  5. GCM: Yes
  6. Uses Permission: 18
  7. Uses Feature: 4
  8. Activity: 27
  9. Receiver: 3
  10. Service: 2
  11. Meta Data: 5


Overall I would say it's an average application from technical perspective. Wow factor is missing in Design. Performance is ok, Security need improvement.
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