Oct 9, 2012

Now Google is focusing on App Quality

It is know to every one that "Majority of Android apps are not up to the standard", It's not always a foulte of developers but many times client asks to make clone (100% clone including navigation to UI component ) of apps from other platform.

App Quality Check list is divided in three major sections

1. Core App Quality
  • Visual Design and User Interaction
  • Functionality
  • Performance and Stability
  • Google Play
  • Setting Up a Test Environment
  • Test Procedures
  • Testing with StrictMode
2. Tablet App Quality
  • Test for Core App Quality
  • Optimize your layouts for larger screens
  • Take advantage of extra screen area available on tablets
  • Use Icons and other assets that are designed for tablet screens
  • Adjust font sizes and touch targets for tablet screens
  • Adjust sizes of home screen widgets for tablet screens
  • Offer the app's full feature set to tablet users
  • Don’t require hardware features that might not be available on tablets
  • Declare support for tablet screen configurations
  • Follow best practices for publishing in Google Play
3. Improving App Quality after Launch
  • Listen to Your Users
  • Improve Stability and Eliminate Bugs
  • Improve UI Responsiveness
  • Improve Usability
  • Professional Appearance and Aesthetics
  • Deliver the Right Set of Features
  • Integrate with the System and Third-Party apps
  • Pay Attention to Details

Source : http://developer.android.com/distribute/googleplay/quality/index.html