Jul 27, 2011


Dear fellas,

Greetings of the day.

Allow me to introduce our free service : "UltimatePinger" - The Ultimate Ping Engine. UltimatePinger is a Service like Ping-o-matic, Pingoat, PingDevice etc., just more intuitive, less obtrusive and may be fun to use. Furthermore, it is the only free ping engine that allows pinging multiple updates (urls) to multiple ping servers (of your choice) in realtime. Did I mention it's free?

UltimatePinger is free because it's how we conceived it, plus, it's based upon (mostly) free resources. Additionally, it's anonymous, and will stay so if it's not being grossly misused.

If you are serious about popularizing your site or blog, you need to make sure that every new content on your blog is indexed by the search engines and directories. Further, every new backlink pointing to your site/blog must get indexed too (otherwise the very purpose of building backlinks gets defeated)! Pinging the new updates and pages containing the backlinks to search engines and ping servers expedites the process of crawling and subsequent indexing.

Now imagine you create a single post/page and 25 back links to the new page (say using SocialMonkey) per day, then you need to make 26 pings to 30+ ping servers everyday. Doing it manually is impossible. Ping-o-matic and other such ping services come to your rescue here, which automatically ping single urls to a list of predefined services, though you still have to ping every single one of 26 urls manually. Sure, there are bulk-ping services like pingdevice - which will let you ping all 26 urls at a single go, but still, not all services ping to all ping servers (of search engines and directories), so, you still have to ping other ping servers that your chosen ping service doesn't ping. It is here, apart from other things that UltimatePinger is different, probably batter too, from other services. You see, it lets you ping multiple urls to multiple ping servers of your choice in a single go! Further, it keeps track of your failed pings and lets you reping only the failed ones in a single click. Not to mention, it allows you to save the list of your preferred ping servers to your computer. It's real time, so you get to know the results of your pings in real time.

Right now it is in beta. If you like it, tell your friends about it, and if not, tell us "exactly what doesn't click for you". To know more about the UltimatePinger, be sure to read the FAQs.

So without further ado, welcome to the UltimatePinger

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