Jun 12, 2011

Boost Traffic to Your Site with SocialMonkee - Why and How?

This article is intended towards novice bloggers, but everyone is welcome to read it and hopefully comment upon it. This is not a HowTo, rather a WhyTo, if you know what I mean, in which case, title of this blog is a bit misleading!

If you are reading this post, you are interested in increasing traffic to your blog, and I will tell you one very good way to do it just in a while, but before that, take a few moments to consider this question, "What do we mean by traffic and how do we increase it?" In simple terms, the number of people visiting your website in a specific time, say a day, is traffic, but like everything else in life, there is more to it. You see, if your website is OKAY, people may visit it again, but that won't be considered increase in traffic. The real increase is new visitors, which brings us to the other half of the question, how do we get new visitors to achieve increase in traffic? The answer is advertising, be it paid (as in google adwords) or free (Search Engine Optimization), people need to know of the existence of your site and they need to reach you through a hyperlink. So, where do you put this hyperlink then? Surely some place visible to your target audience - like google search results!

There are many ways to increase your visibility on the web like social networking/bookmarking, directories, link exchange and other link building exercises etc., however, ultimately, google search results is the only way you can make yourself truly visible. Sure, there are many search engines and infinite ways to promote your website, but google targeted SEO weighs probably more than everything else combined. Thus, everything you do, make sure you are targeting search engine optimization (SEO) with respect to Google.

So, how can this SocialMonkee help me about this SEO thing, you ask? You see, SEO used to be about keywords a decade ago, but it's now about Pagerank? That is not to say keywords are useless nowadays, but the search engine algorithms of today are so much sophisticated that stuffing your pages with keywords or even keyphrases won't help you for a longer period of time, instead, it may earn you a ban from search engines. Pagerank is a mixture of the credibility and relevance of your site with respect to a specific topic. Pagerank depends upon internal as well as external SEO. Internal SEO depends solely upon the content of your site, where as external SEO depends upon backlinks. Backlinks are links on external domains (other than the domain of your own site) pointing towards a page on your site. Backlinks are considered to be endorsement(s) of the quality of the content on your site by the webmaster of respective sites (where your backlink resides). Further, the more backlinks you have, the more are chances that someone will click them and visit your site. So backlinks increase traffic to your website by improving your search engine ranking (pagerank - and thus visibility of your site) and by providing a means to reach your site.

There are two ways you can get backlinks. Either someone will put a link of your site/page on his site or you will have to put your own link on other(s') sites. The former is achieved by link exchange, where two webmasters agree to put each other's links on their sites, but is a stale and probably a worthless thing to do in present times, however, if done unsolicited (no link-exchange/resiprocal links) is a very good thing for your pagerank, depending upon pagerank of the linking site. Putting your links to other sites can be accomplished by social networking/bookmarking. The problem with most social bookmarking sites is, however, that they are 'no-follow', which means, the backlinks will be ignored by search engines. It is here that SocialMonkee comes to rescue.

SocialMonkee is a free service that allows to put one backlink of your site (or any page thereof) to 25 different sites every 24 hours with a single click in a semiautomated and search engine friendly manner. All these links are posted by different user credentials on any 25 of 100 domains owned by the creator of SocialMonkee. That means you can collect 25 x 30 = 750 backlinks for your site in a month, which is a huge number if you ask me, and all these without a single dime! SocialMonkee won't let you post any url more than once so you don't need to worry about search engines considering you a spammer. An efficient workflow would include posting to SocialMonkee after every new post has been published. Of course, if you want to post to 100 sites thrice a day (three different urls, obviously), you can opt for their premium membership (paid), and you can get premium membership free too by referring SocialMonkee to 12 fellow bloggers (subject to change, I suppose).

To register, follow this link or link.  A few people have found some difficulties in getting registered with SocialMonkee, but I believe that's only because it's such a young service, and everyone has eventually got registered, so have faith. There is not much to be explained about how to use this service as it's very simple and there are videos available for that, go search, be creative. The SocialMonkey website also has a great deal of info on how to use the service, so repeating it here would be a waste of your time.

Now a word about internet marketing, a caution or a plea really. You see, if you read this article in hope of diverting the internet traffic to your site to generate some big money or fame, please be advised that, although it has happened before, the success ratio is close to zero. There is no alternative of quality content. A quality content is what your readers want to read. All your efforts will go in vain if your content is not good. The internet nowadays is full with crap, don't contribute yours as well. If your content does not have a real purpose, adding SocialMonkee links will add more crap to internet. Refrain from such practice.

I will try to write for KPBird, as and when I get more time. Till then, stay tuned.

About myself: I am Mitesh Patel, a guest author on KPBird. I am a chemistry graduate and my interests range from Guitars to Motorbikes to Computing, and anything in-between. As a hobbyist blogger, I maintain a blog (more of a database) about Luthiers (guitar makers) named LuthierDB. Fellow bloggers/readers are welcome to visit my blog to observe what is "simplicity and elegance of design" from my perspective.