Aug 5, 2007

Gmail Agent API v0.5 / Mail Notifier & Address Importer

What is it?

There are two distinct components here: an open source Gmail API written for the .NET framework, and a proof of concept Windows application built on top of that API that provides basic remote Gmail functions.

I developed these tools in the hopes of encouraging others to create interesting Gmail services. Admittedly, this project may not have a very long shelf life, as Sergey has intimated possible mail forwarding and RSS support, not to mention Gmail's recent listing of upcoming features (Gmail login required) that estimates a slew of features that are listed as “working on it” or “we'll try”. The address book import is currently listed as “sometime soon” but it's actually available now in the Contacts window. As Sergey mentioned, an enterprise version of Gmail would be well received, and I have no doubt that there would an API to go along with that (I recently integrated a Google Search Appliance, and can attest to its extensibility). Whether or not Google is interested in pursuing such features for the public side remains to be seen. Nonetheless, I hope to keep this project going, and wouldn't mind joining the Gmail team — there are lots of features I'd like to see implemented in Gmail.

About the Gmail Agent Applet

I'm sure most of you are more interested in the applet, so here are the features:

  • Multiple account support
  • Balloon notification of new messages with message preview
  • Address book view and import (from tab-delimited text files)

The system requirements are:

  • Windows 2000, or higher
  • Microsoft .NET Framework v1.1

I haven't tried this with Mono — I doubt it works, but if it does, please let me know. If you are interested in POP access to Gmail, check out Pop Goes the Gmail (also a .NET project).

This is a proof of concept application, and there are plenty of idiosyncrasies. It works great for me, but your results may vary. I welcome anyone who wants to contribute to polishing this app.

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