Aug 8, 2007

Ajax Frameworks

C++ Ajax Frameworks

  1. Wt : Wt (pronounce wit-ty), is a C++ library to develop web applications. The API is widget-centric, and inspired by existing C++ Graphical User Interface APIs. To the developer, it offers complete abstraction of any web-specific implementation details.

Coldfusion Ajax Frameworks

  1. AjaxCFC : AjaxCFC is a ColdFusion framework meant to speed up ajax application development and deployment by providing developers seamless integration between JavaScript and ColdFusion, and providing built-in functions, such as security and debugging etc
  2. CFAjax : CFAjax is the AJAX implementation for coldfusion. It makes coldfusion method calls on server directly from HTML page using JavaScript and return backs the result to the calling HTML page.
  3. JSMX : JSMX is an Ultra Lightweight - Language Agnostic - Ajax Framework. It is by far the easiest way to integrate Ajax into any Web Application.
  4. WDDXAJAX : wddxAjax is a ColdFusion custom tag to enable AJAX on *.cfm template.

DotNet Ajax Frameworks

  1. Ajax.NET Professional : Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 library and examples
  2. Ajax Engine : An AJAX Framework using the standard webservice protocols SOAP and WSDL.
  3. Anthem.NET : The Anthem project adds AJAX-like features to ASP.NET.
  4. Atlas : Atlas is a free framework for building a new generation of richer, more interactive, highly personalized cross-browser web applications.
  5. ComfortASP.NET : ComfortASP.NET is an AJAX like framework for ASP.NET that doesn’t actually require you to learn any AJAX programming.
  6. EmergeTk : The emerge toolkit is a web application development framework for the 21st century. The server is written in C#, and currently runs on MS .NET. We use the wonderful dojo toolkit on the client.
  7. MagicAjax.NET : MagicAjax.NET is a free open-source framework, designed to make it easier and more intuitive for developers to integrate AJAX technology into their web pages, without replacing the ASP.NET controls and/or writing tons of javascript code.
  8. MonoRail : MonoRail (former Castle on Rails) is a MVC web framework inspired by Action Pack. The Action Pack way of development is extremely productive, very intuitive and easily testable.
  9. PowerWEB LiveControls for ASP.NET : PowerWEB LiveControls for ASP.NET is a suite of 21 Web Controls that allow you to raise server-side callbacks and update form elements without reloading the entire HTML page.
  10. radControls for .NET : telerik r.a.d.controls suite is the most innovative and comprehensive toolset for professional ASP.NET development, boasting the capabilities of AJAX, Atlas and Visual Studio .NET 2005.
  11. WebORB for .NET : WebORB Presentation Server is a platform for developing, deploying and hosting Rich Internet Applications.
  12. zumiPage : zumiPage makes it easy to build rich, interactive web-based applications. With zumiPage postbacks to the server are automatically captured on the client-side, and sent via an XmlHttp mechanism.

Flash Ajax Frameworks

  1. Flex Framework:FABridge : The Flex-Ajax Bridge (FABridge) is a small, unobtrusive library of code that you can insert into an Adobe Flex application, a Flex component, or even an empty SWF file to expose it to scripting in the browser. It is being released to the community under an open source license.

Java Ajax Frameworks

  1. AJAX Dev Library : The first visual Ajax IDE
  2. AjaxAnywhere : AjaxAnywhere is designed to turn any set of existing JSP or JSF components into AJAX-aware components without complex JavaScript coding.
  3. The AJAX JSP Tag Library : The AJAX Tag Library is a set of JSP tags that simplify the use of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) technology in JavaServer Pages.
  4. Java Web Parts : Java Web Parts is a project that provides small, reusable and largely independant Java components of interest to all web application developers.
  5. The AJAX-JSF : AJAX for JavaServer Faces
  6. Direct Web Remoting : DWR allows Javascript in a browser to interact with Java on a server and helps you manipulate web pages with the results. DWR is Easy Ajax for Java
  7. Echo 2 : Echo2 is the next-generation of the Echo Web Framework, a platform for developing web-based applications that approach the capabilities of rich clients.
  8. Guise : A Graphical User Interface, Simple yet Elegant - Guise is a web user interface framework for Java designed from the ground up to be both simple and elegant.
  9. JSP Controls Tag Library : JSP Controls Tag Library allows to create independent portlet-like page fragments, like login forms, checkout wizards, tabbed notebooks or image sliders.
  10. jWic : jWic is a java-based development framework for developing dynamic web applications with the convenience and familiarity of rich client style programming.
  11. SWATO : Shift Web Application TO… : Developing Web Applications Easier via AJAX
  12. Clearnova : ThinkCAP - an advanced MVC (Model, View, Controller) framework that manages the runtime layout and presentation of GUI components, state management, data binding, validation, and data persistence.
  13. ThinWire : ThinWire is a development framework that allows you to easily build applications for the web that look and feel like the desktop applications you’re familiar with.
  14. WebORB for Java : WebORB is a server technology enabling development, deployment and runtime execution of Rich Internet Applications.
  15. WidgetServer : A Unified (AJAX, RemoteSwing, XMLGui) Generic GUI Toolkit
  16. xulfaces : xulfaces adds XUL power to Java via Java Server Faces
  17. xWire Framework : The open source xWire framework is both a framework and a programmer’s toolkit and is based upon several popular open source libraries. It is generally used to build Java-based web applications.
  18. ZK : ZK is an open-source Ajax Web framework that enables rich UI for Web applications with no JavaScript and little programming.

Javascript Multipurpose Frameworks

  1. ActiveWidgets : ActiveWidgets is a powerful javascript component library which makes web development easier and more productive.
  2. ajaxProject : ajaxProject is a rich client Project Management application delivered through browser.
  3. Backbase : Backbase develops and sells software that helps you to create great AJAX applications.
  4. Bindows : Bindows Framework provides you with: A class based, Object Oriented API, A complete windowing system with a wide array of supported widgets including menus, forms, grids, sliders, gauges and more.
  5. Engine for Web Applications : Engine for Web Applications is an application framework for client-side development and Web applications. It provides an environment in which to develop and run JavaScript components and applications.
  6. Freja : Framework for REstful Javascript Applications - Open-Source MVC Javascript Framework licensed under the CC-GNU LGPL.
  7. JackBe NQ Suite : JackBe’s NQ Suite is complete set of development tools that allows rapid development of sophisticated, rich-client applications using AJAX.
  8. Javeline FrameWork : With Javeline FrameWork developers can deliver applications to modern browsers on all platforms. Javeline FrameWork focusses on short development cycles and extensive functionality for the end user.
  9. jsLINB : JavaScript-based toolkit that provide complete client-side GUI solution for most modern browser.
  10. JsRIA : JsRIA is a framework enabling rich client interface development. It’s pure javascript and is completely independant of the server side technology.
  11. Macao : Macao is a framework based on JavaScript and DHTML for building animated interactive homepages and applications.
  12. MochiKit : MochiKit - makes JavaScript suck a bit less
  13. Open Rico Rico provides a very simple interface for registering Ajax request handlers as well as HTML elements or JavaScript objects as Ajax response objects. Multiple elements and/or objects may be updated as the result of one Ajax request.
  14. Plex Toolkit : The Plex Toolkit is an advanced, modular, AJAX and Rich Internet Applications framework written in JavaScript.
  15. Prototype : Prototype is a JavaScript framework that aims to ease development of dynamic web applications.
  16. qooxdoo : qooxdoo is an advanced open-source JavaScript-based GUI framework.
  17. Scriptaculous : provides you with easy-to-use, compatible and, ultimately, totally cool JavaScript libraries to make your web sites and web applications fly, Web 2.0 style.
  18. SmartClient : The SmartClient web presentation layer radically enhances the usability and performance of standards-based web applications.
  19. ThyAPI : ThyAPI is an api to allow the developement of better user interfaces for web applicaticions, Using javascript and Ajax, it allows a complete visual interface definition using CSS and encapsulates all objects data manipulateion. Build over DynApi.
  20. Interactive Website Framework : A framework for creating highly interactive websites using javascript, css, xml, and html. Includes a custom xml parser for highly readable javascript. Essentially, all the plumbing for making AJAX-based websites, with js-based GUI toolkit.
  21. TIBET : Enterprise-Class AJAX — for an Open Source world.
  22. UI4W : UI4Web (just UI4W from now) is a Java Script User Interface library, providing widgets common in desktop UIs (such as tables, trees and tabs) to the web developer toolbox in a consistent way.
  23. Zimbra : Zimbra is an open source server and client technology for next-generation enterprise messaging and collaboration.

Javascript Remoting Frameworks

  1. AjaxGear : AjaxGear is a toolkit that allows you to take advantage of the client-side technique known as AJAX.
  2. Ajax Client Engine : AJAX Client Engine (ACE) is a JavaScript component that makes it easy to develop AJAX-style Web applications.
  3. Ajax Toolbox : offers the AjaxRequest Library. It simplifies and extends the capabilities of the XMLHttpRequest object.
  4. AJFORM : AJFORM is a JavaScript toolkit which simply submits data from any given form in an HTML page, then sends the data to any specified JavaScript function.
  5. HtmlHttpRequest : This script dynamically loads remote documents for parsing and/or insertion into the current document.
  6. TelePort : Javeline TelePort is an Open Source server communication layer supporting all popular web services such as XML-RPC, SOAP, JSON, REST and Comet.
  7. JSMX : JSMX is an Ultra Lightweight - Language Agnostic - Ajax Framework.
  8. libXmlRequest : The XmlRequest library contains a two public request functions, getXml and postXml, that may be used to send synchronous and asynchronous XML Http requests from Internet Explorer and Mozilla.
  9. MAJAX : Minimalistic AJAX Client
  10. RSLite : RSLite is an extremely lightweight implementation of remote scripting which uses cookies. It is very widely browser-compatible (Opera!) but limited to single calls and small amounts of data.
  11. XHConn : simplify and unify the code necessary to successfully send and receive simple data via XMLHTTP.

Lisp Ajax Frameworks

  1. CL-Ajax : CL-AJAX is Richard Newman’s Common Lisp library to allow for remote invocation of functions through Javascript.

Multi-Language Ajax Frameworks

  1. ARSCIF : Asynchronous Remote–Script Callback Invocation (a.k.a. remote scripting) is a technique by which ECMAScript code in a browser can connect to a server without reloading a page.
  2. CPAINT : CPAINT (Cross-Platform Asynchronous INterface Toolkit) is a multi-language toolkit that helps web developers design and implement AJAX web applications with ease and flexibility.
  3. JSON : JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format.
  4. JSON-RPC : JSON-RPC is lightweight remote procedure call protocol similar to XML-RPC.
  5. Rialto : Rialto (Rich Internet Application Toolkit) is ajax-based cross browser javascript widgets library.
  6. SAJAX : open source tool to make programming websites using the Ajax framework
  7. ZK : open-source Ajax Web framework that enables rich UI for Web applications with no JavaScript and little programming.

Multi-Platform Ajax Frameworks

  1. Taconite - Cross Browser AJAX Framwork : Taconite is a framework that simplifies the creation of Ajax enabled Web applications. It’s a very lightweight framework that automates the tedious tasks related to Ajax development, such as the creation and management of the XMLHttpRequest object and the creation of dynamic content.
  2. The haXe Programming Language : The haXe programming language is uniting server and client platforms under one language. It brings features that are making it easy to deal with a dynamic world such as DHTML or Databases, while still bringing you a full-featured type system with a compiler that will detect errors early in the development phase.
  3. Web Input Completion Kit : WICK is an evolving framework that leverages web standards such as JavaScript, DOM and CSS to facilitate textual input in form UI elements assisted by local and remote data sources. This framework strives to remain unobtrusive and preserve a form’s semantics and accessibility.

Perl Ajax Frameworks

  1. CGI::Ajax : perl + Ajax
  2. HTML::Prototype : Code generating modules for Prototype
  3. Catalyst : Catalyst is a new MVC framework for Perl.

PHP Ajax Frameworks

  1. AJASON : AJASON is a PHP 5 library and JavaScript client
  2. AjaxAC : AjaxAC is an open-source framework written in PHP
  3. Ajax Agent : powerful open source framework for rapidly building Ajax or Rich Internet Applications (RIA)
  4. Cajax : A PHP class library for writing powerfull reloadless web user interfaces using Ajax (DHTML+server-side) style
  5. CakePHP : Cake is a rapid development framework for PHP which uses commonly known design patterns like ActiveRecord, Association Data Mapping, Front Controller and MVC.
  6. Claw : a convenient and intuitive way of development of PHP5 driven object oriented applications.
  7. DutchPIPE : PHP object-oriented framework to turn sites into real-time, multi-user virtual environments:
  8. Flexible Ajax : Flexible Ajax is a handler to combine the remote scripting technology, also known as AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML), with a php-based backend.
  9. Guava : Groundwork Guava is a PHP-based application framework and environment.
  10. HTML_AJAX : HTML_AJAX is a PEAR package for performing AJAX operations from PHP.
  11. HTSWaf : The HTS Web Application Framework is a PHP and Javascript based framework designed to make simple web applications easy to design and implement.
  12. My-BIC : My-BIC AJAX State of Mind for PHP harmony
  13. PAJAJ : PHP Asynchronous Javascript and JSON
  14. PAJAX : Remote (a)synchronous PHP objects in JavaScript
  15. phpAjaxTags : phpAjaxTags is a port to PHP from java tag library AjaxTags.
  16. PHPWebBuilder : PHPWebBuilder is a PHP framework designed following well-known object oriented designs and principles featuring a highly reusable components architecture, metadata based persistence and traditional GUI style programming support.
  17. Qcodo : open-source PHP 5 framework
  18. Simple AJAX : This tutorial demonstrates how to perform AJAX functionality simply and effectively, using the AJAX JSMX library, coupled with the JSON-PHP library.
  19. symfony : open-source PHP5 web framework
  20. TinyAjax : TinyAjax is a small php5 library that allows you to easily add AJAX-functionality to existing pages
  21. xajax : Ajax-enable your PHP application with a simple toolkit that gets the job done fast.
  22. XOAD : PHP based AJAX/XAP object oriented framework that allows you to create richer web applications
  23. Zoop : oop is an object oriented framework for PHP based on a front controller. It is designed to be very fast and efficient and very nice for the programmer to work with.
  24. Zephyr : zephyr is an ajax based framework for php5 developers.

Python Ajax Frameworks

  1. CherryPy : CherryPy is a pythonic, object-oriented web development framework.
  2. Django : Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.
  3. Nevow : Nevow is a web application construction kit written in Python.
  4. TurboGears : Python-Based Framework for Rapid Web Development

Ruby Ajax Frameworks

  1. Ruby On Rails : Rails is a full-stack framework for developing database-backed web applications according to the Model-View-Control pattern.

Smalltalk Frameworks

  1. Seaside : Seaside is a framework for developing sophisticated web applications in Smalltalk.

Toolkit Ajax Frameworks

  1. AJAX Toolkit Framework : A technology that assists in constructing Eclipse framework support for AJAX Toolkits and provides enhanced DHTML/Javascript IDE features for AJAX developers.
API/Documentation/Tutorials on popular frameworks

  1. Bindows API
  2. Bindows Tutorials
  3. Direct Web Remoting (DWR)
  4. DOJO Toolkit
  5. DomAPI
  6. Google Web Toolkit (GWT)
  7. jQuery
  8. Orbeon
  10. Microsoft ASP.NET Atlas
  11. mootoolkit documentation (moo.fx)
  12. prototype.js (1.4.0)Developer Notes
  13. Qooxdoo
  14. Rialto Javascript
  15. Rico
  16. Ruby on Rails
  17. Scriptaculous CheatSheet
  18. Symfony
  19. Tacos Userguide
  20. Tacos Component Reference
  21. xajax documentation
  22. Wicket
Tutorials for the various Ajax Frameworks/Toolkits

  1. Ajax Design Patterns - Using The Dojo Toolkit : at AjaxProjects
  2. Using Dojo and JSON to Build Ajax Applications : at
  3. The Idiots Guide to moo.fx : by Avinash Vora
  4. My-BIC - Tutorials and How To’s : at LitFuel
  5. Ajax Tutorial with Prototype : at PeteFreitag
  6. Developer Notes for prototype.js : by SergioPereira
  7. New Echo2 Tutorial Series : at Pathfinder
  8. Painless JavaScript Using Prototype : at SitePoint
  9. Using Ajax with PHP and Sajax : at IBM
  10. Introduction to Scriptaculous Effects : at 24Ways
  11. Learn xajax in 10 Minutes : at XajaxProject
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