Jul 4, 2007

Speed up .NET Apps with Distributed Caching

NCache is a clustered in-memory object cache for mission critical .NET applications. NCache also provides a highly scalable ASP.NET Clustered Session State solution for .NET applications running in server farms. Distributed caching and session state together enable you to not only speed up your .NET application by as much as 10 times but also make it more scalable and available.
Data Caching & Clustered Object Caching

.NET Distributed Caching for Server Farms

Reduce expensive database trips by caching data close to your application. Distributed caching enables you to do this in a server farm environment. NCache provides

Dynamic clustering with Replicated and Partitioned cache topologies
Relationship management with key, file, and database dependencies
High-Performance object query for distributed cache

Clustered ASP.NET Sessions for Server Farms

Eliminate the bottlenecks of sticky sessions in load balancer or storing sessions in SQL Server. Scale up your application with extremely fast in-memory clustered sessions.

bullet Many times faster than storing your sessions in SQL Server
bullet Highly available due to dynamic clustering and no single-point-of-failure
bullet Highly scalable due to replicated and partitioning clustering topologies

Sessions Details

Source : http://www.alachisoft.com/ncache/index.html