Apr 11, 2007

Enterprise Library adds new validation, policy-injection support

Microsoft Patterns & Practices Group has released a new version of the Enterprise Library, including software known as the Application Block Software Factory that can be used with Visual Studio to enable architects to build extensions to the Enterprise Library without having to do all coding by hand.

Enterprise Library 3.0 also includes a new Validation Application Block, the Policy Injection Application Block, and a Visual Studio-integrated configuration editor.

TheServerSide.NET spoke with Microsoft's Tom Hollander, who discussed the evolution of the Enterprise Library and some of the key elements of the new release.

Hollander said that previous milestone versions of the Enterprise Library were primarily aimed at keeping up with the basic .NET Framework. This release is more notable for new functionality than for changes needed to stay up to date with the larger framework, Hollander suggested.

He said the Validation Block will have wide application. ''Every non-trivial application tends to require some validation. It is not hard to write but it can be time consuming.'' Also, the validation code is sometimes difficult to reuse. With the Validation Block, he said, ''you specify your validation logic centrally.'' Then it can be more easily re-used, and more likely to be re-used more consistently.

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