Mar 15, 2007

CTP of Orcas

In the twisty-turns of my Web meanderings, I happened upon the blog of Eric Lee, whose website is dedicated to "all things Visual Studio Team System, Windows Vista and Windows Presentation Foundation."

In truly helpful fashion, Eric highlights a dozen new features that caught his eye in the March CTP release of Orcas. He provides a short summary and screen shot for each of the features shown below.

1. Code Metrics
2. Annotation View for Files under Version Control
3. Team Foundation Server Build Definition Editor
4. Build Retention Policy
5. Continuous Builds
6. Build Queues
7. Folder Differencing
8. Runtime Control of a Performance Session
9. Query View in Performance Reports
10. New Views in the Performance Reports
11. Integration with Work Item Tracking
12. Performance Report Comparison

The question for our TheServerSide.NET readers...
Which of these features are of most interest or importance to you? Or if you have a personal wish list, what feature would you most like to see added to the next version of Visual Studio?

Okay, so it's really a dozen and not a baker's dozen. But this could be a fun and interesting discussion, so please respond using the 'Post Reply' button.

A Baker's Dozen of New Features in Orcas